“Suppers has literally altered my life! I have been involved with Suppers for over a year. I have completely altered the way I eat. My fibromyalgia has been exponentially improved. I’ve lost 30+ lbs. Learned how to cook delicious healthy meals. Feels amazing. So much support!”

“I adopted a low-carb diet some years ago influenced by friends in our Suppers meeting in Princeton, N.J., and turned to eating greens and protein. A result was a lessening of my pre-diabetes and an improvement in my thyroid disease to subclinical, something I could not achieve with medications.” (from a Letter to the Editor in The New York Times)

“… if you ever wonder whether your work is having an impact, hear this. My A1C is down five points since Q1. I don’t know how to thank you but I do know the credit goes to you through the program. I’m eternally grateful although there is still much work to be done, it’s a good start.”

“… I am with the same people. I do not feel so alone in the world. Cooking together is not just getting a recipe. I am so inspired to make this food at home. I feel empowered to live this new lifestyle…”

“… I lost 37 pounds since attending Suppers… I almost turned around my rheumatoid arthritis. I love Suppers because I am with like-minded people, in an amazing non-judgmental and loving environment… Suppers is enhancing my life…”

“… What I found made a profound difference in my life… By preparing recipes with others who have diabetes, I’ve learned about foods that are good for me as a diabetic, and that help to stabilize my blood sugar levels. Recently, I had a serious scare from a kidney stone that caused renal failure, and additional kidney damage. This meant I could no longer take Metformin. My doctor gave me a choice: start using insulin or make changes to my diet. I chose the dietary route and after using the things I learned from Suppers I have maintained a 5.8 A1c level, which means I do not need to take insulin. Without Suppers I would most likely be taking insulin to control my diabetes…”

“… I was diagnosed with Celiac disease five years ago. I was very challenged to eat healthy. I felt alone… I enjoy Suppers’ social interactions, learning to cook and being comfortable in the kitchen… Suppers keeps me on track to live healthy…”

“… I come off and on to Suppers… Every time I come back, I reconnect with my health… I was diagnosed with breast cancer two and a half years ago and I am now cancer free… At Suppers I find food and nutritional support. We get tools to eat healthy and my doctor is now starting a Suppers program…”

“… Suppers has been a tremendous impact on my ability to manage [my] health and type 2 diabetes. As a single woman who really didn’t cook very much, it was overwhelming to make dietary changes I needed to make without support. Suppers provided the framework, the expertise, and the community I needed. And it provided a place to start today and then to practice what I learned… Something very special and unique takes place when a group of people, who actively practice non-judgement, gather in common purpose, tell their stories, and share a meal together. It’s spiritual. I know because I’ve experienced it…”

“… My doctor sent me to Suppers… I had a fatty liver, high cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure and very high CRP. Now my fatty liver is gone, I lowered my blood pressure to normal and lowered my triglycerides. I feel great and thankful…”

“… just wanted to say ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you’ for today. My body is reacting in the positive to everything we had today for lunch. I’m amazed that I made it till 5:00 today without having to take a nap. I got so excited about the spiral vegetable slicer that I had to go right after our meeting and purchase one. Can hardly wait to make what we had today for my husband…”

“… Suppers helps me understand my brain’s need/desire for sweet, salt and fat, and how it affects my behaviors and how it influences my thinking with cravings and addictive eating; because I need to learn, re-learn and remember that if I eat well, I will feel better, and the better I feel the more productive, giving and happy I can and will be; because it makes perfect sense and delivers a logical miracle to me…”

“… My doctor was amazed at my drop in blood glucose levels! I told him it was all due to Suppers and all the vegetables I was eating! (And junk I was eliminating from my diet!) Not only are we eating more kale (and growing it!) but we are trying new vegetables we had never even heard of!”

“… Suppers taught me how to flavor my food with herbs and spices. It introduced my family and I to the benefits and deliciousness of fresh wholesome food, as opposed to processed food. My energy, weight, and spirit are better than it has ever been in my life…”

“…Suppers provides community so I don’t feel so alone with my diabetes. Cooking together empowers me to feel confident in making healthy meals at home compared to just being handed a recipe. Knowing what to do is different from actually doing it. Suppers inspires me to do it.”