About - Mission, Vision, Values

Our Vision:

Provide a non-judgmental environment where people can learn how to best Eat for their Health

Our Mission:

Eating For Your Health provides practical, non-judgmental health and nutrition education with a focus on people living and working in low-income communities. Our programs are interactive, hands-on, relevant, and realistic, provided in a supportive environment leading to long-term behavior change and improved well-being.


  • Increase awareness of the importance and the benefits associated with cooking and eating whole foods for health
  • Provide meaningful support to encourage behavior change in order to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic disease
  • Design and deliver educational programs informed by robust science and research
  • Honoring inclusivity and belonging with a multicultural and inclusive approach to healthy eating


We Value: 

  • A practical approach to adopting a new way of eating based on delicious, whole foods to support good health
  • The individual as a capable driver of behavior change
  • Non-judgement as being pivotal in the behavior change process
  • An integrative approach that recognizes the impact healthy eating has on your physical and mental wellbeing
  • The power of community and support in the health equation
  • A multicultural and inclusive approach to healthy eating by cultivating a space that honors individual identities and experiences.
  • Availability and access to affordable program options
  • Our network of healthcare practitioners, community partners, farmers and chefs who value the place of food in supporting health
  • The importance of robust science and research to inform our programs
  • The Importance of using locally sourced and ethically farmed products, when possible and practical
  • The power of experimentation to discover the right foods for your own biological Individuality
  • Learning and sharing through stories


Our Guiding Principles

  • You are Your best Ally in Health
  • The importance of Eating Whole Fresh Foods – Understanding the problems with processed food and learning how to source healthy ingredients
  •  Planning is Everything
  • Treats Versus Triggers
  • The Mind Body Connection – Appreciation of Mindful approaches that support long term Behavior Change
  • Your Health Beyond Food – Awareness of other factors in addition to food that may contribute to health concerns. The importance of finding resources & support for sustainable behavior change – in addition to changing how you cook & eat.
  •  Finding Meaning and Connection – The value of Community and Community Partners


We Meet. We Cook. We Eat. We Learn.


We all know someone we care about, or perhaps it’s you, who is suffering from a condition that can be managed or improved by eating healthy food. You don’t have to go it alone; we support you on your journey to finding your way to better health.

The programs provided by Eating For Your Health plays an important role in addressing a national health crisis where significant numbers of people are affected by Diabetes, Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases, Cognitive Decline and concerns with Brain Health. Over 30 million people have diabetes and over 84 million people have pre-diabetes. Many more are undiagnosed.

We know that change can be difficult so we take a practical approach — cooking and guiding people in the kitchen to learn how easy it can be to prepare whole, delicious, healthy food.