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How it Works

The 7 Pillars of Eating for Your Health Guide Our Every Action

How You Feel is Data®

Learn to recognize the connection between your diet and feelings to achieve optimal health. Our bodies can provide valuable information if we pay attention. Understanding how certain foods impact our physical and mental well-being is crucial for leading a healthier lifestyle. Slowing down and observing subtle cues can help determine if our food choices support our health needs. This approach is also known as mindful eating.

Biological Individuality

Your body, brain, and biology are unique to YOU. Discover the foods and eating habits that suit you best. Various factors can influence our health and digestion, such as the microbiome, genetics, environmental exposure, lifestyle, and nutritional status. We recommend conducting personal experiments and observing how specific foods affect you to identify the links between food, mood, and health. We do not make assumptions about your ideal food or diet or which eating style is the healthiest (except avoiding processed foods).

Develop a Taste for Healthy Food

Discover the joy of preparing whole foods and developing new tastes. We understand that creating a taste for healthy foods  requires a plan and support. Palate development involves embracing healthy, whole foods and reducing the influence of processed foods on your taste preferences.


Join a purpose-driven community, forge connections, and engage in mutual encouragement.

Healthcare Practitioners and Community Partners

Become part of an ecosystem built on shared values. We collaborate with a vibrant community of healthcare partners, chefs, farmers, and food enthusiasts who recognize the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and the benefits of eating for better health. We also stay informed with the latest science and research to enhance our programs.

Nutritional Harm Reduction®

Learn to take small, manageable steps toward adopting a diet that supports your well-being. Nutritional harm reduction involves gradually increasing the foods that benefit your health and decreasing those that don’t. We acknowledge that transitioning to a healthier way of eating is a gradual process. It takes time to identify the foods that suit you best.


Most people learn effectively in a comfortable environment where setbacks and successes are acknowledged as part of the learning process. After all, we are human, and experiencing minor setbacks or veering off course is natural. That’s why we believe a judgment-free zone is essential.