About - History

Eating for Your Health was founded in 2008 by Dorothy Mullen. Dorothy started The Suppers Programs (now Eating for Your Health) after her own personal experience with health issues. She found that making dietary changes had a profound impact on her health. She then developed a program that emphasized the importance of real, whole foods and the understanding that individual needs can vary. She coined the phrase “How You Feel is Data®” which is the core principle of every program. The concept of Biological Individuality, another core principle translates that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to nutrition and health.


Dorothy’s efforts led to the development of a community where individuals come together to cook, share meals, and support one another in their health journeys. These meetings often involve hands-on cooking demonstrations, discussions about health and nutrition, and shared meals where participants can experience the benefits of whole foods in a supportive setting. Tasting your way to healthy eating is powerful. Healthy food must be delicious!


In 2007, Dorothy completed a Masters Degree in Counselor Education at the College of New Jersey. She chose counseling over nutrition because she was more interested in understanding why people don’t do what they need to do to be well, even while knowing that they are harming themselves with food. That meant studying addictions. Along the way, she became a master gardener, a certified reflexologist and massage therapist. If you had asked Dorothy, her most relevant credential is “a PhD from the College of Life.” She was almost 50 before she learned that she had mercury poisoning and that this heavy metal was the driver of all of her physical and mental health problems.


She held the position of president of the board of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine in New York and held her own holistic healthcare practice in Princeton, NJ. In addition, Dorothy has an undergraduate degree in German and Swedish translation from Upsala College.


In 2020 we were saddened by the passing of Dorothy Mullen. Dorothy was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer in April of 2019 and passed away on March 15th, 2020. Link to Dorothy’s obituary in the Town Topics.


You can visit the Tribute Website for Dorothy Mullen where you can read tributes others have left or share your own memory of your experience with Dor. You can also view her video series “Dying Dor’s Way” where Dor shared everything she learned about the end of life.