Sponsor a Fundraising Event

Be Part of the Recipe for Change!

Help to support our efforts to educate eaters of all kinds about the benefits of cooking and eating in a healthy way. Here are several ways in which individuals, businesses, or organizations can offer their support:

  1. Financial Donations: This is the most straightforward type of support, where a company or an individual can provide monetary support.
  2. In-kind Donations: Companies can provide products or services that we need for a program or an event. This include fresh produce, groceries, cooking equipment, or even venue space for an event.
  3. Employee Volunteering: If your company encourages employees to volunteer by offering paid time off for charitable work, volunteers could assist in cooking demonstrations, teach classes, or help with event setup and tear down.
  4. Matching Donations: Companies can offer to match donations made by their employees, effectively doubling the contribution to the organization.
  5. Event Sponsorship: Sponsor specific events, like cooking classes or workshops. In return, your company’s logo and name can be featured prominently during the event.
  6. Naming Rights: For larger donations, an area or program could be named after a sponsor, ensuring long-term recognition.
  7. Media and Promotion: Offer to promote the non-profit or event through your channels. This could be via social media, an email newsletter, or even physical banners at other events.
  8. Collaborative Events: Team up with Eating for Your Health to host collaborative events. This not only provides funding but also can increase the exposure for us both.
  9. Provide Expertise: Offer your skills or those of your employees. For instance, if you run a marketing firm, you could help with our marketing or PR efforts.
  10. Host Fundraisers: Host a fundraising event at your place of business or in collaboration with other local businesses.
  11. Offer Space: If you have a suitable venue, we’d love to use it for our events, classes, or meetings.
  12. Loyalty Programs: If you run a business, consider donating a percentage of sales or profits when customers mention Eating for Your Health or use a specific code when shopping.
  13. Scholarships or Sponsorship for Participants: Some participants might not afford the costs associated with attending certain programs. Offering scholarships or sponsorships can help increase accessibility.
  14. Affiliate Marketing: Collaborate with us so that a portion of the sales from recommended products goes to Eating for Your Health.
  15. Offer a Platform: If you have a popular blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc., invite us to speak or write about our mission and events.
  16. Pledge a Percentage of Sales: For a set period, pledge to donate a percentage of your business’s sales to Eating for Your Health.
  17. Challenge Grants: Pledge a specific amount but challenge the community to match your donation, encouraging more community involvement.

Remember, any sponsorship, whether big or small, can have a meaningful impact.