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stories related to Concept 7: The Diagnosis May Be Inconsequential

If eating processed foods caused your problem to begin with, the right solution – whole food – may be more important than the diagnostic labels.

stories related to Concept 8: Your Internal Observer: The part of you that notices but doesn’t judge

stories related to How You Feel Is Data: Your body is constantly communicating important information to you, if you would just learn to interpret its language.

stories related to Concept 10: Addition and Subtraction: Good health is achieved by adding what the body needs to have and subtracting what the body needs to not have.

stories related to Concept 11: Nutritional Harm Reduction: A gentle transition process that makes healthy change possible

stories related to Concept 14: Planning Is Everything: If diet and lifestyle are central to your health challenges, the solution will require lots of planning.

stories related to CONCEPT 18: TREATS AND TRIGGERS - Can you do portion control or is abstinence needed? To find out, distinguish treats from triggers.

stories related to Concept 19: Palate Development: The process of acquiring the desire for healthy, whole food